Our Pricing

We base our pricing on three criteria:
1. Weight of items.
2. Volume taken up in the truck.
3. Access to items.

Examples of our pricing:

Minimum Price
Min – $60
1/8 Price
1/8 – $120
1/6 price
1/6 – $160
1/4 Price
1/4 – $210
1/2 Price
1/2 – $290
3/4 Price
3/4 – $380
Full Price
Full – $500

*Please note these are only examples of pricing, we are always happy to provide a free on site estimate.

In order to provide you an accurate price here's how it works, we will come to your site and provide a no charge estimate. If the price works for you we can usually get it loaded up right then and there. Otherwise there is no obligation.

We accept: Cash, Cheque, Email Money Transfer, and Major Credit Cards.