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Estate Cleanouts Edmonton

Estate cleanouts for the family can often be a time-consuming and emotional task. Our responsible team can tackle this challenge taking the burden off the family. We pay special attention to remove items of intrinsic value for the family to sort through at a later time. If you are overwhelmed with the scope of an estate cleanout, please feel free to contact us to get more details on how we can help.

An example of a large 4 bedroom acreage property outside of Edmonton. The interior and exterior property was cleaned up and cleared out in preparation for sale. The Deceased estate required all the contents - Appliances, all furniture, mattresses, shelves, tables, linen, clothes, books, plates, food etc removed. Along with carpets removed, damaged windows, walls and surfaces cleaned. The second stage of the estate clean up involved removing all yard equipment, workshop contents, and misc. large machinery.

The gutters and yard were thoroughly weeded, waste and bricks removed, trimmed, cut and made into a neat, presentable condition.

The Junk Guys will donate and repurpose as much as the local charities will accept, recycle anything that can be recycled (metals, plastics, electronics), with the remaining items processed accordingly.

The standard of our work will ensure a presentable property to prospective buyers. We guarantee a significant change to the properties appearance and value.

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